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Minna Kauppi

Liikunta, urheilu, elämä.



Here Iam in Lavarone, after relaxed preparations at home. It was finally sunny in Finland (it’s been a never-ending autumn this far) and I was totally taking all the fun out of it. Well, had to follow some sprints on tv, of course, but mostly I just sunbathed, swam, read books and enjoyed myself in between easy trainings. 

Just like that

My body’s still having it’s own mind. And it doesn’t want the same things my head does. Preparation for WOC is going as well as the past training season. Totally and incredibly badly. I’ve been having this small summer flue for ten days now and like the last time I was ill, after very first steps, also my right achilles tendon got inflammed. Just like that.

Before and After

Alkuräjäyttelyä / Big banging

The past six months everything’s been under construction. Now, my new home is finished but I’m still working on my legs. Below some pics of the huge project, which I can hardly recommend to everyone. Still, just like in sports, the more you work, the happier you’ll be about the result:) 


Haavepalossa/ Haavepalo (Dreamfire in english:)


I’ve been silent. Spring is here but I’m not. I’ve decided already a couple of weeks ago that I wont run the EOC and it seems to be a clever decision still. My achilles tendon’s not working and instead of running my most kilometers have come from skiing and cycling.


I’m bored to be mature and to make wise decisions while my Will has something totally different in mind. But if you don’t play, you wont probably mess up everything either. I’ll just stay home licking my wounds then and pretend that it’s only a good thing and makes me stronger. Hah.

Sweet Combo

Jalanjäljet tulivuorihiekassa/Foot prints in volcanic sand

I’ve just left my footprints in the island of Lanzarote. I hoped to be able to leave them in great amounts all over the sunny island but unfortunately I’ve still got some problems with my legs. I tried to jog and run, too, but have to admit that I’m not complitely ready for that yet. 

Mmmerry Christmas :)

Jouluhulluutta, Christmas crazy

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas and I’ve been kind enough to get these two presents already beforehand for the icy roads. Kieli ulkona


People often ask me about my secret training data. Actually, it’s not such a big secret what I do but more or less basic stuff. The only problem is that my files are usually quite cryptic and no-one can really interpret the without my help. This time I’ve been forced to plan my trainings a little bit better and more precisely because I’m not yet allowing myself to run normally.


Mielikuvituksessani ihana koti on jo täällä :) In my imagination, this is already a nice home :)

I ran towards Lahti today and the sun was shining straight at me. It felt like spring because the thin layer of snow was smelting in the streets and it was so bright. Luckyly, I’m not running towards summer yet because I wouldn’t be ready for that. I’ve been doing this quite often lately. Jumping out of the car in the middle of nowhere or just somewhere and running directly to Lahti and to the project “destroy it all” here.