I run, therefore I am:

  • I’ve been Running long runs.
  • I’ve Run one track training.
  • I’ve Run uphill trainings.
  • I’ve Run test runs.
  • I’ve Run a half marathon on the streets .
  • I’ve Orienteered in the snow.
  • I’ve registered myself to international events in Portugal.
  • I’ve bought tickets for two weeks in Spain, taking part in a national team camp.

All the things I mention above have been big steps in my training. I’ve been hesitating to take them, I’ve been careful and a little bit scared too, but I’ve finally been able to take them without pain. Last year, these steps, that usually are a part of normal routines in o-training, were either impossible or painful, so I have to remind myself every now and then that these steps cannot be taken for granted. I have to be grateful and happy to do this much. And I sure am <3 <3

PS: I’ll be playing with my new Garmin Forerunner and putting some trainings in Garmin Connect visible for everybody. Here’s one example from last week, I was running an ex-tempore basic speed half marathon¬†on the snowy streets of Lahti. In my webpage’s Training-site, you’ll find the available links later on.


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