Victory in POM..questionmarks are fading away :)

I spent last week in Portugal and POM. This girls’ camp consisted mostly of orienteering, recovery, eating and talking a lot. Our house was in the typical Portuguese way chilly and wifiless but we took the heaters everywhere and avoided the hypothermia and internet isn’t or shouldn’t be a basic need anyway.

I ran all the four races and it was almost unbelievable that I really won the three long ones that I ran full speed. My goal was to put the greatest effort on WRE on the third day but when I got the number bib, things changed just naturally. First event went quite well technically and I felt quite powerful in the end, too. Splits are here and my garmin data here.

In the middle I left my o-shoes (accidentally) and biggest speed (intentionally) at home and concentrated on keeping my heartrates down. That was boring but clever. Splits are here and my Garmin data here. Map is below.

Keskari Pommi/ Middle POM

In the WRE I concentrated on orienteering all the time. The greens were dence and i had to fight to keep the speed up all the way. I did well again and could smile and enjoy the victory in the finish. (GPS) ja splits. The last day was a chasing start and my muscles were tired from start till the end. Really had to force myself to look at the map and keep the legs going on. Heart rates were quite low already…Garmin data here. the terrain was very green and a knife would have helped at some points, some minutes losses in the last parts jungles.Splits are here.

POM takaa-ajo/ POM chasing start

Naturally I’m feeling very tired after travelling and so many hard ones. Now watching others swet in Falun and enjoying the recovery time. I’m just so happy to be back in the game again and to be able to forget the hesitations and questionmarks and make the come back in normal training, too. My achilles tendons really are working so much better now <3 <3 <3

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