Tenerife, the perfect escape from winter life. Brains off and all the stress in general. For me a great place to get hilly and sunny running and total break from home tasks. Laying by the pool, ordering coke by just pushing a button, reading, forgetting cell phones, eating huge breakfast buffets, all what we need and don’t need.

Of course, the best thing was to be able to run, everyday, long runs, hill runs, almost like back in the old good times. And my achilles tendons were happy too. So finally things are going towards running and not just compromising.

By the pool, I read three books, of which Alchemist by P. Coelho gave me many nice thoughts to play with. It’s so much easier to take good advice when they’re surrounded by nice little fairytail.. So, I truly recommend reading Coelho as well as anything else as long as you’re not always just clicking worthless news in the yellow papers. I think people just become more stupid by doing that;)

Didn’t reach the top of Teide but managed to conquire some other hill tops. Didn’t make too many hard ones but enjoyed so many long runs that i’m more than happy with the week. Otherwice, my training is going on on the safe side still. I’m planning to run some competitions in the POM in two weeks but before that I’m going to enjoy the snowy forests in Finland, still mostly by skiing.

xxx, Minna




Americas lähivuorilta/ Americas from the mountain nearbyHeti huipulle/ First run towards top

Teidelle/ Towards teideKävelykin pisti puuskuttamaan/ Walking was rough enough

Pulahtelua reenien välissä/ Cold bath between runsIllallisista naatiskellen joka päivä/Enjoying dinnersLomaa ja lukemista/ Relaxing and reading

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