Hardly. You are never ready and perfectly fit. You can always do things better. Besides, I haven’t even packed yet 😉

But training is good. Running is good, orienteering is good ja and life in general is good. To have the feeling that everything’s good is actually more important than to be totally ready. 

I’ve been doing the last preparations for my legs and brains here at home. From time to time, I’ve escaped the heavy rains to Forres and I’ve driven around even though it still feels a bit wrong to me to be able to hang around in the competition area.Well, it’s the same for everybody, so I’d be just stupid if I lived in the past.

While it’s been sunny, I’ve taken in all the summer I can. Tomorrow, I still have one last hard sprint. After that I’m just concentrating on keeping the spirit up, brains on and legs flying. 

Happy to start the battles in Scotland and WOC2015 soon! 



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