Always look on the bright side of life

I’ve never been this happy after a technically quite bad wcup race and 8th position (World of O’s analysis of the women’s race and link to GPS ). Actually, I was so happy that I quickly bursted into tears after the competition. After many months of tiredness and total lack of recovery, I finally felt that I was able to run in the forest again. I had been trying to do sports in someone else’s body (probably some lazy, fat bastard’s 😉 for so long that it was a huge relief. The middle distance in Munkedal was a total deadline for me. I had already some kind of plan B for the summer figured out. Actully I had rather nice plans…but still plan A is an obvious choice.

Right now, I don’t feel like telling about the health issues that I’ve had. Some things are private and I dont’ want any big fuzz nor some headlines, but seriously this time I knew that I wouldn’t play stupidly anymore. Health comes before medals. Always. A couple of weeks ago, I finally got some answers and could finish thinking that I’m just overtrained, under motivated, too old, crazy or lazy. It’s a relief as well as the fact that the medication seems to help. At least I’ve been alive for more than a week now. And what a great feeling it was to notice that I was able to make a good hill training already today. I had recovered from the middle very well 🙂

I’m in a hurry. I know. Now, that I can start training again, I’ve got basicly one month to train properly before the WOC. The starting form is not too bad, so I just have to hope that the time is not running faster than Iam. Next weekend, it’s time for Jukola. My team, Lahden Suunnistajat, is hopefully among the 30-20 best and I’m personally going to enjoy every moment of the race.

I’ve also been cheerleading this great celebrity team, Jukolatiimi, this year and the goal for this bubbly group is to get a position among the 1500 best during  the long night in Paimio. With this team, we’re collecting money for handicapped children’s sport event and it has been very touching and educating to meet some small and miraculously positive children that really don’t have the same starting point for life nor the same possibilities to enjoy the sports. This charity project hopefully gives more bright sides of competing and life fro them.

So, see you in the weekend, my orienteering friends, and see you later more often after the World champs my ”normal” friends. I’ll be running the next month. Yippee


Neurosonic divaanilla palauttelua. /Recovering on my Neurosonic bed.Palautuminen on urheilijalle a ja o ja ö. / Recovery is the key to improve your results

These colours are flying next weekend:)VJ BOLD competition

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