Gigs, galas and finally back to business

The past few days have been filled with rock and glamour and I feel ready to get back in business, training and recovering. First, I just have to brag a little bit because my own drummer had these two amazing arena-gigs with his band, Apulanta, last weekend. I was so proud and happy for their success and the show was just more than great. Check these pics out and this video including Simo’s drum solo (starting from 3min. and lasting till the end of the video). Never experienced anything like that…and nor had my sister’s eldest one, who rocked almost three hours with me 😉

Apulantabändäri ekana päivänä/ Apulanta hangaround 1st dayApulanta bändäri ja VIP-Vilma/ Vip-Vilma rocking with Apulanta


Yesterday we had a party again, this time It was time for Finnish sports gala where I, obviously, wasn’t even nominated for anything;) I got my dress from Voglia again and played  a little in fifties style.

Urheilugaala/sports gala

After a couple of interviews, business meetings…got two new sponsors this week: Betola and Garmin, I’m more than ready to just train and to live the sporty lifestyle. Hopefully, I’ll head towards warm and sunny running tracks very soon, but before that I’m enjoying the winter sports by skiing and running in the snowy woods!

Leluja eri väreissä/ toys in different colours



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