I train approximately 650h per year. During basic training periods it’s 13-14hours in average but during the summer time the amounts are, of course, getting smaller due to competitions. In the fall, I don’t usually have a total break, but I usually just enjoy all kind of sports then and don’t make too many trainings per day or week.
Most of the training is running and orienteering but I also ski a lot during the winter and do some cycling as well to avoid injuries. My basic concept is to make the easy trainings really easy and the hard ones really hard, of course sometimes it doesn’t really work that way. 

I hardly ever do strength trainings in the gym, circuit trainings with my own body’s weight as well as uphill running and orienteering have been enough for me.

I’ll put some of my trainings visible for everybody in the Garmin Connect. Here’s link to my first visible training. Half marathon in Lahti, avg heart rate 141, so below aerobic threshold.

Sample weeks from earlier years(more updates later):


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