Hard training week in the winter 05/2011

First recovering and then TC

Mon: Easy running 30min + massage

Tue: Morning run 25min
MART-test 9x150m + warm-up and cool down.
Total: 60min

Wed: Morning run 20min
6x1000m on track 3.28-3.02 (start every 5min). 1H15min
Easy floor ball 35min
Total: 2h10min

Thu: Strength training, various stuff: 60min +warm-up and cool down. 1h45min
Testrun in the snowy terrain above aerobic threshold +6x200m on track. 65Min. 2H00
Total: 3h45min

Fri: Skiing 1h50min
Total: 1h50min

Sat: Testrun as on Thursday but on anaerobic level. 40Min. 1H20min
Skiing 1h20
Total: 2h40min

Sun: Sprint above aerobic threshold 60min. 1H40min.
Easy skiing 50min
Total: 2h30min

TOTAL: 14h25min

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