Cow’s heaven

The Evora region in Prtugal is full of cows. I’m not windering about it a bit. Those big animals with huge tits really know how to take the best out of their lives. Portugal is just a perfect place for them and actually for us orienteers as well. It’s like being able to run on a golf course with a permission, almost as fun as running on a golf course without persmission:)

My trainings have been basic or okay. Just the stupid back is not sending messages for my bottom muscles. However, the flue is more or less off if you don’t count the manly voice I still have. I’ve even started to find some controls but I still think that the best thing is to have the warmth, light, good company and bad jokes.

 Even though our competition season is starting on Saturday in POM, I’m still more excited and interested in the competitions in Holmenkollen…it’s still so long time ’till our own big goal in France. Before Saturday, I’ll be eating some grass and getting my legs tired at least twice a day, mooooo!

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