One week

There’s still one week time before the first WOC-final, the great middle one. Of course, I’ve got some qualifications, press conferences, massages, deep sleeps, new potatoes and icecreams before it, but when the game is on the legs must be fast and mind even faster. My preparations have been okay. No physical problems but of course the life gives always some rocks and bumps on the motorway. Still I’m trying and hoping to reach my goals, the golden ones, every time I’m on the start line. Of course, I need good days and it depends on the other girls too.

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Snowangel, Koivarova

Lovely Lapland and Juicy Jukola

Hello Sunshines!

I’ve been training BIG lately. Lapland and Vuokatti did it to me again and I just did a lot of this and that. Check my last week’s trainings below. And the party wasn’t over before Tuesday. Still, in today’s Forssa games I was like a little animal. I felt recovered and very good too. The basic big loading just always does the thing, doesn’t it.

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Typically stupid me

I ran off to Vuokatti after a typical sprint show in Finnish champs. There were some kinda constructions in the tunnel after the 7th control and I thought it was a fence, then I tried to go over the big road, but there were forbidden stripes and fences, too. So I went around and lost the game… So it’s better to stay in the bushes if the brains are too slow for sprinting. Besides, it felt quite bad to hear that Pasi’s just enjoying the fells in sunny Lapland and I chose to make a fool of myself in cold Tampere.


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