Definitely dangerous

Cheers from Cali, Colombia and the World Games. We flew here yesterday and s†ill have our personal belongings and heads on top of our bodies. In fact, people have been really helpful and nice and because of the competitions there are policemen everywhere. So my own prejudice for Colombia have lightened up a little bit. This time I’m the only competitor from Finland and I even got the nicest trainer in the world, Maria Rantala, with me.We’ve usually headed our tours together towards Lapland but I quess we’ll have fun and great results here in South America as well.


Qualified for the final which was the main task for today. The long distance qualification (map for the 2nd heat here)took a little bit longer than expected. Even the terrain was a bit different from what I thought. The trees were smaller and ground softer. I did an okay job except for the big route choice mistake on the third one. I pushed all the way on the left side of the marsh and knew already then that I would loose some time.

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