Minna Kauppi

Pulppuilevan innokas, iloinen, päättäväinen ja supertehokas.

Chapter 2

The last hours of the year are at hand and I know I haven’t been writing anything in English here for a while. Well, if someone didn’t already know, I’ve put my o-shoes, compasses and training clothes aside and decided to find new adventures, goals and dreams in “the other world”. The world where every day is not defined by trainings and recovery. The other world has always been around but everyone who’s been doing sports on top level knows that the focus has never been in the studies or jobs as much as for the ”normal” people.


Lahtisuunnistusmaastossa C:Kimmo Hirvonen

Hardly. You are never ready and perfectly fit. You can always do things better. Besides, I haven’t even packed yet 😉

The smiles of 2014 :)

Maalari maalasi taloa/ Painting it white

During the past few weeks I’ve had one national team camp, a skiing camp in Vuokatti with my new club mates and now a massive flu. While listening to christmas carols, I’ve had some time to look back and scroll through the pics of the past year. There haven’t been too many victorious moments in my sports this year but still there have been so many other things that I want to remember. It’s not nice to take pictures when things are not going well, but in fact it’s only good that the photo albums show more or less just the positive things and big smiles of the year.



I was in Scotland. I was on a TC. That’s something new. 

Scotland is so familiar. It has all the same ingredients that we’ve got at home in Finland. The same berries, trees and mushrooms are making a nice mixture in the woods. However, the same ingredients are somehow mixed up a little bit differently. The forests are more fairytaily with greener undergrowth, spookier trees and hobbit-like features in the ground.