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Rest day


Today is the official rest day for me. The last NORT and world cup event was held yesterday here in Vuokatti and the season is almost over. I enjoyed testing the next year’s terrain and had even physically a good day after a horrible week. My legs were out of the game alreay before the fist start but somehow I struggled through the NORT and became 3rd afterall. I’m actually proud of myself that I was able to orienteer quite well even though the feeling was so bad. Usually I’m not good at that.

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Today I got Gold in the Finnish champs. Last week I got  about 7 cakes in this sprint race. I also got a good new deal with Harmonia. Still, I’d like to be less a in-the moment-experiencer, which Iam in better and for worse. I’d ike to performe well in NORT, too. Life’s just not honey and sugar. It’s also just taking controls one by one. It’s just Life.



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