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Minna Kauppi

Liikunta, urheilu, elämä.

New world

As the brightest readers may have noticed, my webworld has gotten a total change. Great thanks for Oriento solutions for providing me this new and inspiring playground. Some of you may even have noticed that I’ve got a new sponsor, too. Versowood will run beside me all the way to the WOC in Finland.

Don’t count your chickens…

..before they are hatched, says the old proverb and was just so right again. The minute I thought that everything would go just perfectly, my skis started to glide quite badly and not just because of the minus 30 degrees.

Last Thursday I got a cramp in my back after a strength training, again. And now that I’m starting get it straight this basillus idioticus decided to move from Pasi to me. It’s an annoying one as you’re not having fever, you’re just having a small “feeling” in your tummy and big feeling of being useless. When you’re sick, you should feel like it.

Testing, testing…

I’ve been testing myself during the past couple of days quite many times. We’ve got this new project for top-athletes in Jyväskylä and the first test I took was MART (maximal anaerobic capacity test)on Tuesday. It ment 9 x150m with accelerating speed. The last one was 21,5s and it tells me that the ongoing sprint project is excactly what I need to develop myself. We took also blood tests and I got new personal record with 143Hb, great:)

Normal and good living

Hello. Been quite busy lately. Running, studying and eating all day long and deciding in which order to do them. I’ve also kept my promise not to answer my phone if I don’t know the number and I’ve also kept my promise to see more friends. I’ve been a little tired from time to time but I’m sure that when the school is over in two months, I’ll have plenty (and too much) time for myself. I may even have time to develop my mental skills, wow!

The best of the best, they said

The Finnish sportsreporters voted the athlete of the year again and the big prizegiving event was held last Monday. As I wrote before (and I wrote even more in Finnish) I was quite sure that my golds in the middle and in the relay wouldn’t be enough for the titel. I even criticized the nature of the title in public before the event as I really think that it’s not possible to compare for instance figure skating with orienteering.