Wings of change


Our team, Asikkalan Raikas, did IT in 2007, took home the victory in the biggest relay event of the world. Our small club had worked hard and with big heart to make the dream come true, to win the Venla relay. We had been lurking behind the big names for a while and when we managed to accomplish the ultimate task, it was amazing. Now that the time has passed a little bit, it feels even better.

However, the victory was somehow also a turning point for our team. We had achieved what we wanted to and even if my world was and still is mostly about sports, the others were starting to find new paths in their lives.

This autumn one period of time has come to an end. We’re saying goodbyes. My clubmates, friends, have always been ambitious. They’re hardworking doctors, teachers and loving mothers. They’re superwomen and I’m proud of them. Now they are taking other route choices and controls  in life and I’m just happy for them. Most of all, I’m thankfull. It’s been great to run beside all of you girls and I know we’ll always be in the same team even if we don’t carry the same colours, red, green and white anymore.

The end of one thing means the birth of something new. Just a while ago, I thought I wouldn’t care if the big relays were over for me, but then I realized that I love running them and I miss them. They’re the sugar and the salt in orienteering. So, this means I’m also changing my colours into something new. I really appreciate everything I’ve gotten from Asikkalan Raikas and my o-heart will always belong to my home club, but at the same time I also want find new controls and paths.

I didn’t want to run there where the money is, I didn’t want everything to be given on a silver plate either, I wanted to be part of creating something new and fresh, just like we did about 15 year ago in Raikas. My new club will be Lahden Suunnistajat. The Lahti region is not big and there aren’t too many runners but I believe that if we get all the best ones to push towards the same direction, we’ll be dangerous enough 😉

At the same time, it will be inspiring to run with some youg talents. I found it always really important for my development to run against the best ones in big relays already at very young age and I hope the young girls will also get the same benefit. Besides, it will be nice to have some new training company and to learn to know another small culture inside my new club. I’m eager to set new goals and motivated to work hard. It will be nice to lurk behind the big names again!

New wings are flapping already…


Last weekend, Kirsi Kiiskinen made this nice powerpoint of our long and beautiful journey together in Raikas. Please enjoy it with Chariots of fire in the background. I got some tears in my eyes when I saw it and that just tells how important these years of running together have been for us, for better and for worse. <3 <3 <3





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