I was in Scotland. I was on a TC. That’s something new.

Scotland is so familiar. It has all the same ingredients that we’ve got at home in Finland. The same berries, trees and mushrooms are making a nice mixture in the woods. However, the same ingredients are somehow mixed up a little bit differently. The forests are more fairytaily with greener undergrowth, spookier trees and hobbit-like features in the ground.

Moreover, I didn’t know that there are reindeers and snow on the fells of Scotland. I felt like travelling to Lapland when I climbed up on top of the second highest point in the at least not yet independent country.

There were yes and no signs everywhere. It was like in my mind. Will I be here, competing next year ot not. Well, the questions are obviously much heavier around there but the answers will be clear earlier than mine. Yes I was able to run there. More than I’ve been able to run after woc. I trained quite much, felt the fact that I’m out of shape, but not totally. Training made me happy. Sports is just a big part of my heart that leaving it just like that naked on the floor is not working at all.

But I’ve been forced to. Been sick too many weeks after the woc and before the woc. Been doing nothing and feeling nothing. At least nothing too positive.

However, with this too much extra time I’ver been forced to travel around in my heart, soul and mind. I’ve been forced to face the facts of life and I’ve been finding some answers and millions of questions. I’ve been trying to organise these questions and thoughts, but it seems to be impossible to find the order this quickly. I’ve also felt like zero, like an empty shell in a dead sea. But Scotland is beautiful, it made me smile happily. That’s good news.

And I’m going to run my second national competition next weekend, the Finnish champs relay. And it’s important and great because it may be the last time we’re running together with these girls as a team. The time is rolling and lives are changing and moving us around. I know, we’ll have a great time 🙂


PS: I’ll put some pics later, now I have a massage.


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