I was finally able to compete, or actually I finally lost my patience and started the competition season yesterday in Huippuliiga 2nd stage in Inkoo. Just one day before, I was, again, nerve wreckingly trying to decide weather I should go or stay. I was very anxious and didn’t know if my leg would bare it, if my o-brains still excisted and if there was any power in my legs that had hardly Run any trainings during the past two weeks not to even mention the past seven months of struggling. But motivation, will and the love for competing and orienteering made the impossible become possible. I WON with a smooth run and not-too-dead-feeling and I have to say it was the Star moment of the year this far! Haven’t been smiling this big for a long time

Now, quick glimpse to the past. Yes, things were going quite well towards the sun just before my first Tc started in Italy a couple of weeks ago. But on a short jog day before the TC, my left achilles tendon got inflammed. Just like that. Ridiculously, the right one that I had rehabilitated for two months was more or less okay. There I was again, injured, but this time I actually took the flights I was supposed to take and didn’t stay home. I tried to train once per day with my ”K-18-tapings” in the steep and rocky terrains which weren’t really the best ones for this kind of injury. And I made through the camp knowing that there would be just another (and the last) cortizone injection waiting for me in the end. 

Even though I made idiotic mistakes in the forest, I think it was necessary to go through the TC and take the information and learn the technique that I’ll be using in the future races. And the future races are actually very near. On Sunday and Monday, we’ll have the selection races for the WOC in the WRE-events in Asiago. I’ll be running the middle and hopefully also the long race. My achilles didn’t get too angry after yesterday’s race. It must be the endorfins and addrenalines I got from the orienteering that made the positive effect. Anyway, there’s no more time to loose and I’ve decided just to go for it. 

Making big and hard decision about daily training and the future have been my routines for seven months now, but sometimes the big decisions have to be made with heart and soul and not with probabilities and calculations. I’ll be doing my best, trying to avoid taking too big risks and I’ll totally be enjoying competing with my full speed and capability, which may not be on the level they could be. But it’s just waste of time to think about that. Things go as well as they can go. Despite all the questionmarks, bumbs and scratches, my eyes are still blue and head’s still in the clouds 😉

Greetings from Asiago, 



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