I’ve been silent. Spring is here but I’m not. I’ve decided already a couple of weeks ago that I wont run the EOC and it seems to be a clever decision still. My achilles tendon’s not working and instead of running my most kilometers have come from skiing and cycling.

Because I couldn’t take part in any TCs that I’d planned, I took off towards Lapland instead. A great week in beautiful scenery did the thing and I feel not-too-bad about just concentrating on the main goal in the middle of the summer. Still, have to work hard to get the legs work but I hope the sunshine and warmth will help. Below some nice pics from the Ylläs camp with Maria Rantala, which seems to have become a tradition for us. It was easy to enjoy the great skiing tracks knowing that I’m not in a constant hurry anymore…





Äkäsmyllyä kohti/towards ÄkäsmyllyPeurakaltioPikkulaki


Pallas-tuntureita kohti/ towards Pallas -fellsPallasjono/ the Pallas fells

Montellin maja/ Montell cottage

Vuontiskeron ja Keräskeron välissä/ In between Vuontiskero and KeräskeroSaivokeron rinteellä/ On Saivokero

Smiling, Minna

PS: Now that I’ve got these good ones it’s soooo nice to take the bike outside as well.


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