I’m bored to be mature and to make wise decisions while my Will has something totally different in mind. But if you don’t play, you wont probably mess up everything either. I’ll just stay home licking my wounds then and pretend that it’s only a good thing and makes me stronger. Hah.

Actually, my left foot has almost totally healed., but out of the blue, the right one started to swear during a hike in Lanzarote.  So that’s it. No Turkish world cup controls, no suntan, no bullshit and complaining for team mates either as I’d probably be in bad mood just watching the others have fun.

Still, I know I and my Will will be happy if I’ll be able to take part in the TC in Portugal after Turkey…and not just to take part but also run the trainings. With this background of having four different inflammations in the legs during the past 4 months, it’s just better for me to stay near all the helping hands. So have fun you lucky ones who can run!

Minna, a f***ing wise woman

PS: Finland was GREAT today in the Olympics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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