Sweet Combo

I’ve just left my footprints in the island of Lanzarote. I hoped to be able to leave them in great amounts all over the sunny island but unfortunately I’ve still got some problems with my legs. I tried to jog and run, too, but have to admit that I’m not complitely ready for that yet.

Still the vacation/TC -cmbo was great. I feel like I really had the time to enjoy the sunbathing as well as doing the trainings. Sun was warm especially in the last part of the trip and have to admit that the cycling tours made my back look more red than brown even though I swore I wouldn’t burn;)

So my smallish problems with the left leg especially are making it hard for me to be in top form in the first World cup races. It seems to me that I even have to consider if Iam able to take part in them at all. What a pity if this shit happens again. ¬†But even though my moving maybe looks like the most people do in Lanzarote (the older ones;) I’m trying to keep it positive. I’ve been training as well as I’ve been able to and there are still many days left before the biggest events.

As an island Lanzarote was a good place for cycling especially when it wasn’t too windy. In the mountain biking tracks you had to be also really careful to keep the tires full. Now, back at home there’ luckyly lots of fun on tv. The colourful round circles are filling my days during the next days totally. Have to take care that I find some breaks to make some sweat and tears by myself, too. Maybe my legs will get better on the way. I’ll definitely try to run more anyway, sometimes the key is there where yo lost it ūüôā

El Golfo/El Golfo


Maastopykäilyä/Mountain biking





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