People often ask me about my secret training data. Actually, it’s not such a big secret what I do but more or less basic stuff. The only problem is that my files are usually quite cryptic and no-one can really interpret the without my help. This time I’ve been forced to plan my trainings a little bit better and more precisely because I’m not yet allowing myself to run normally.

Usually the basic stuff from the home door is quite easy to plan but when you have to take all the opening hours and all the other restrictions in training into account, you must do some planning. And I have to say this week was the best this fall even though I had plenty of other stuff from concerts to “sister aid”.

So, the main thing is for me at the moment to build the base and body;) In addition, I make all the little things my physiotherapist told me to do. I’m trying to leave the achilles-dangerous things away but have to admit that especially running in the water is like poison to my soul…Luckyly, the winter came and this week I can ski, too

Week 49:

Mon: 2h30min

1)   Running to and from the gym 15+20min, Gym training: leg strength in focus but during the “recovery” I always make  back and abs. 60min. TOTAL:  1h35min

2)   Easy running in the water, the gym session was quite heavy. 55min

Tue: 2h20min

1)   Running to and from the gym 35in. Excercice cycling intervals (standing) 5,4,3,2,1 min x2 +4,3,2,1×1 (1min recovery). TOTAL 1h40

2)   Easy training, middle-body excercise 10min and running 30min. Legs are sore from yesterday. TOTAL: 40min

Wed:  1h30min (busy day…)

1)   Morning run 45min

2)   Physiothrapy and doctor visti in helsinki

3)   Running  45min, legs still sore..

4)  massage

Thu: 3h

1)   Long easy hike and run 3h

Fri: 2h15min

1)   Excercise bike intervals: running to and from the gym 35min and 10,8,6,4,2,min (1min rec.) uphill cycling + 5x20s full speed sitting. TOTAL 1h25min

2)   Jogging 27min+middle-body excercise 23min =50min, It was great to run while listening to the independence day concert and fireworks outside 🙂

Sat:  2h00

1)   Testing, testing, some running technique 20min. In total 60min of running. J

2)   Water running  60min 10x30s intensively (1min rec.)

 Su: 1h00min

1)   Skiing 1h (helped to my brother’s family to move today)

TOTAL: 14.35

Now I’ll head towards gym again and make the legs with easier weights…



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