Training starts

Greetings from winterwonderRuka!

My training season started or actually was supposed to start in November but when I went over that deadline, I noticed that my oldish body wasn’t ready. I got a little bit sick and also my both achilleses were sore and a bit inflammed as well. Well, after two weeks of rest in running and cortisone injections the situation seems to be quite good. Still after a few water running and gym sessions, I was ready to move myself towards snowy surfaces. And it was a good decision, too. I’ve been enjoying nice long skiing tours in Ruka area and I even tried classic style today. And my achillese seem to be okay

During the past few weeks, I went through quite vaste MRIs. It was quite expected that I’d find out that my already 31-year-old body has gone through a little bit of this and that. That’s why my goal for the winter will be following: I’ll have to work out a huge turtlelike belly in  order to save my bad back from further damage. It will also (hopefully) help me to get my ass work better.  I’ll also have to train hard to make my almost ligament-free ankle to get some support. In addition, I’ll try to stretch a lot more. My body’s always so jammed as I forget to stretch and almost hate it, so maybe the last job is the hardest task for me. Anyway, there are many major and minor stuff that I’ll have to improve so that I can enjoy sports a little bit better and longer…

Even though my legs seem to be better now, I’ll continue doing some alternative training during the winter. Skiing is good basic stuff, which I’ve done too little during past few years. I’m already waiting for the snow to find it’s way to Southern Finland as well. But I’ve also made some plans for coming winter TCs. In the end of January, I’ll probably head towards LA to make some sunny trainings and in February I’ll combine the Wcups in Turkey with some nice training there. After that, I’ll take part in the national team’s training base in Portugal. Now, I’ve got a couple of trainings left here in Ruka. Soon, I’ll head off to the skiing tracks again and try to follow the big names that are preparing themselves for the World cups in the weekend 😉


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