Fall (ing)

I almost found myself in the B-final in the FC-middle yesterday. My body was out of order from head to toe and if I had run just 50s slower I wouldn’t have gotten the Gold I managed to take in the final. Have to admit that these couple of months of being lazy made me feel quite insecure. I knew I wouldn’t be in top form but it was hard to know if I could get beaten up really seriously by the others. Well, that threat made my lazy brains more motivated to work in the final. So I made a good job after first control’s small mistake and found out that my speed wasn’t that bad at all. Even though I have to admit I felt quite hard to run in the more or less stony surface after so long break in real o-trainings. Check the routes in the gadget¬†and the result from here.

After Woc, I’ve done everything else but concentrated on training. I’ve actually been a bit disappointed in sports. I’ve been thinking sports are stupid. Still, I’ve known all the time that it’s just me who’s been that. It’s not orienteering’s fault that I’m idiot in training sometimes and actually a quite bad looser.

The good thing is that I noticed after the Finnish champs that actually I got a little boost to train again. I already put my name on the lists of couple of events before the World cup finals and I’m even planning a trip on my own to Italy after Switzerland. The national team will head down there already next week, but I felt I’m still not willing to spend too much time on a TC. On my own trip I can focus on other sectors of pure enjoyment that Dolomites and lake Garda can offer;)

And if it isn’t clear already, I’m still going on with sports for a few years. I’ll be doing some changes on my training, though. And I will start with some promises now.

1) I wont try to compete in training amounts anymore (especially not on long TCs)

2) I will rest earlier and not later.

3) Most of all, I promise not to be sick of orienteering before the big games.

And promises, promises. Those I want to keep. And now, I’m trying to fight agains the FALLing leaves on our terrace.









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