Towards fall

It seems that the summer is not neverending but here are some nice pics from my dad’s party as well as from th World Games in Colombia. It’s still hard to say if I’m going to find the joy to train and compete this autumn, but at least I’m trying to do something sometimes so that the new training season won’t be too hard to start. Still, I’m not going to force myself to do anything this time. In the evening I’m going to run the o-training my dad has made even though the rains is probably smelting my sugary head;)

Bye, bye,


Iskä 60v/ Father 60 years

Papan juhlaväkeä viilentymässä/Party people cooling down

World Games sprint modelHotellimme /Our hotel

Vaellusreitillä riitti väkeä/ Hiking route was popularJeesuspatsaalla/Jesus-statue

Voitto Maailmankisojen keskarilta/ Winner of the WG middleValmentajakin tuulettaa/coach is happy too

Shoppailemassa/shoppingToisenlainen puu/ other kind of tree

Juoksuttajajänis/ Keeping the speed for MariaLoppusambailut/Final sambas


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