Definitely dangerous

Cheers from Cali, Colombia and the World Games. We flew here yesterday and s†ill have our personal belongings and heads on top of our bodies. In fact, people have been really helpful and nice and because of the competitions there are policemen everywhere. So my own prejudice for Colombia have lightened up a little bit. This time I’m the only competitor from Finland and I even got the nicest trainer in the world, Maria Rantala, with me.We’ve usually headed our tours together towards Lapland but I quess we’ll have fun and great results here in South America as well. Peolpe are the same, orienteering’s probably almost the same and we can always use body language when our great Spanish skills don’t work;)

It would be really great to run off to the mountains but the nice police we were chatting with, while waiting for a transportation for two hours, told us it’s  “definitely dangerous”. I quess two blondies are something unusual over here. So maybe we’ll pass that and make some running on a treadmill in our hotel or just run in between the cars in the streets. The competitions start on Friday, so we’ve got some time to recover from the long flight and the jetlag, which I don’t really have because I’ve been turning my clock naturally by hanging around in all kinds of festivals after WOC.  After WOC time has been nice, happy and fun. The only thing that shows me that I’m disappointed about the failure is that I haven’t felt like training at all. On the other hand, I’ve never been this lazy and I only think it’s good fro a while to enjoy everything else the world has to offer. And I’ve definitely kept myself going on. My dad, the best in the world, turned 60 and we had nice party for him with my siblings. i’ve also visited many places and met lots of new people everywhere. Now, I just hope that the stupid monkey I was in the WOC after great training sessions all year long turns into a genius in the World Games after grazy lazy days.

I’ll be back and black.





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