WOC preparations:)

Lissee kalaa/ More fishinghiano kasvimaa/ more food in the garden

When you enjoy the nice things that the summer has to offer, time is not going too slow before the big games. I’ve been catching fish, eating salads and other summer food, taking it easy and doing some small trainings for snack. I haven’t been too nervous, not at all, but maybe on Thursday when I’ll arrive to the battle fields the adrenaline finds it way to my body. Luckyly I’ve been sharpening my knives and brains for that. And helmet too;)

Kaasutellaan/ Speeding up

Grillataan ne/Grill themJa sitten ne syödään/ and then we eat thempeikon pesässä/ in the troll cave luonnon sateensuoja/natural rain covermetsämansikoita, wild strawberries

In addition to wild berries, we also picked the big ones from the neighboring fields, straight to the stomache and basket.

Viimeinen kova treeni/last hard one starting

Pääsinniemi A ja B

Pääsinniemi c ja d

And of course, I made the last really hard one on Sunday. Pääsinniemi (the Wcup terrain 2000) was great and demanding again. But I managed quite well Cool Next weekend, I’ll start with the long distance qualification. the WOC-pages offer all the information you need and the Finnish broadcasting company YLE shows the competitions LIVE.

With great smiles,


PS: Spent the midsummer with good weather, company and average and bad orienteering in Koli

Marttiina, Heini and me


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