It hit me again. Just two days ago I got this tiny flu and now instead of preparing myself for NORT I’m taking it easy at home and leaving, once again, Wcup and the tour go by.

In fact, it wasn’t a hard decision as Vuokatti is coming closer all the time and I’ve got no time to lengthen this snot with weeks. My plan A was not to take part in NORT anyway, so I’m actually just doing things better for the WOC now not eating my carrots but saving them for bigger events. Okay, maybe this is little self suggestion from me, but there’s a tiny hint of truth as well.

Anyway, I’ll probably be able to train during the weekend already at least some easier sessions and maybe I’ll test my sweet new Nishiki as well. And instead of travelling and stressing in between the competitions I’ll just take the sun and the salads straight from the sky and the ground. Next, weekend I’ll be able to test my form anyway since we got this sprint for our national group just before the NORT in Turku and maybe I’ll check my speed for the last event as well. So, I’ll be hanging around as an outsider then;)

Still smiling





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