Terrain typing

Spring has finally reached also Vuokatti and here we are training eagerly in the type terrains. After winning the Finnish Huippuliiga I finally took the rest period my body and head really needed. It’s not typical to jog and walk for one week during a competition season but it was worth it. After the rest week I felt finally good, normal and happy in the Finnish champs in sprint in Mikkeli. The winning marginal was enough to think about taking part in the Woc sprint as well, which is the only discpline I’m hesitating on.

Anyway, after the sprint we headed for this first WOC TC and started with some heavy middle distances in Juuka. Now, we’ve been speeding up here in Vuokatti. Yesterday my gps line looked awful in Tipasoja terrain but otherwice I’ve been really good:) Today’s plan is to make another hard middle distance in Vuokatin vaara and tomorrow I’ll end my camp with 12 kms in Kajaani. After that, I quess it’s time to grannyjog again and take some rest from orienteering as well. And then it’s finally nice to meet all the top women in NORT:)

We’ve been having fun and enjoyed ourselves. Especially women seem to have a good situation in the Finnish team, while the men have quite many troubles. The weather has also been great and it’s nice to follow how the new garden plot, that showed up in the back yard during the rest week, starts to grow! It’s a pity I can’t show you any pics from it or anything else at the moment as I’m having troubles with uploading at the moment. But you can still check out Noname making up video from this spring from youtube:)



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