Don’t have to

It’s nice to notice that I don’t have to write anything here if there’s nothing important to say. It’s also nice to notice that if I feel tired, I don’t have to make harder trainings just to make sure that my diary looks good. I’ve been feeling quite tired during the last weeks and decided to take a break in harder trainings after the second Huippuliiga event last weekend. I took the victory like I did in the first one (sprint), but my orienteering and physics felt just bad.

I know that if I lack motivation it’s usually time to rest. I tend to love training and competitions and if I feel otherwice, my body and mind need recovery. Now, I’ve been taking it easily and will test my feeling today with a harder one on the road. Still, I don’t want to force myself (it just doesn’t work for me such a lazy ass as Iam) but instead I want to enjoy the things I do, so hopefully I do it today already. And at least in the weekend since I’m planning to make some quality trainings on the home ground while the others are competing in Tiomila like usually. Yep, we’ve got no team this year either and I’m more than glad about it right now.

Next week, the Huippuliiga will end with two competitions on Thursday and on Saturday. Hopefully I’m the normal Minna by then and am able to smile after the competitions.

With sunny wishes,


By the way, check this Bold video from New-Zealand


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