Hola amigos

Only one week left in Spain and as I’ve heard there’s no spring waiting me at home. Before that I’ve got just enough time to get some crazy trainings done and some more sun shine, too if the rain just would end some day. Things have still been going well. In fact, so well that it feels like I could stay here just ¬†another week or two. But maybe it’s better for me and for the others too that I stop eating the cake before it starts tasting bad.
Next weekend, there will be both our own national team trainings as well as some national competitions again. A couple of sprints, middle distance and a long one will definitely make me tired enough to rest when I get back home. I will definitely miss snowfree ground, the warm sun shine, ridiculously cheap shrimps, fish and meats as well as fruits that really taste like they’ve been taken straight out of the trees. I’ll also miss the anonymous life without some idiots taking pics with their cameras when I’m going to grocery stores with my dirty hair and easy clothes. It’s been getting worse and worse in Finland and I don’t enjoy it at all.
In the afternoon, it’s time for hill runs combined with sprint loops. Sounds nice:)…if the it just stopped raining cats, dogs and elephants…
Barbate, Canos de Meca1 Hiking, Vaelluksella Marbella
Sierra de los nieves1Vejer de la Frontera sprint
Vejer de la Frontera sprintti2
Trafalgar, Canos de Meca1
Livingroom, olohuone 1Livingroom2, olohuone 2
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