Here we go again :)

A few days after coming back from NZ I noticed that running at home on a very snowy surface or on track makes both my head and legs hurt, so I made a fast decision to book  new flights towards the sun. In fact, our national team has this training center in Barbate this year and there will be a lot of people training around there for the next two months. I made my plans so late that I had to leave two days before the others and I’m now spending my time in Torremolinos near Malaga.

In Barbate, where we’ll head for tomorrow, there will be very good facilities. We’ll have head coach, masseur, good training and social contacts and even doctor around. Only things left for the athletes are training, eating and sleeping. And, yes that’s why I’m not going to spend the whole two months there. I’d go crazy, I’d get over trained and I’d book the flights home sooner anyway.

Today, I enjoyed my life and refreshed my memories on the mountains near Malaga where I made a crazy training ten years ago. Then I ended up to run almost a marathon on the hills and got to pay for it with one month’s running break. This time, I did “just” 3h 30minutes and was happy to feel well enough to take a nice dinner outside here in Torremolinos. All by myself with the other old people. In fact, in here I feel like a teenager;) This must be the first time I’m doing things like this alone and it’s quite nice for two days at least. It would be so different to be lonely and not just alone.


Minna vuorilla/on the mountains Costa del Sol

Torremolinos sea view/ merinäköalaa


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