Third and almost happy

I was finally able to get my ass on the start line yesterday in the Wcup chasing start. Of course, the feeling was quite insecure and bad because the heat was almost unbearable and the last time I actually ran really fast was two months ago. Things could have gone much better lately, yes. But to be honest, I was feeling better than I expected and was also happy to make only a couple of small mistakes in the prologue. That even got me a surprising second spot after Tove.


In the chasing start the bonus seconds made the gaps bigger and I never saw Tove even though I didn’t make any bigger mistakes in the beginning. (Well maybe the route choice to the fourth was too bad). Anyway, in the end I noticed that the hunters were after me and I was desperately trying to orienteer as quickly and smoothly as possible. I really think this kinda competitions should still have some forking system, too. Otherwice it’s almost impossible to hide the hunters.

This time, I ended up to make a small mistake on the second last and was caught by Hausken. Well, didn’t feel too disappointed about it, honestly. Because, I was just glad I survived and made such a good result in this condition. Now, my master plan is to take it really carefully. Hopefully take part in some of the races in Sprint the Bay and most of all be able to train the last weeks in here. It’s been really boring to just hang around in these beautiful areas without being able to train fully and properly. So, let’s just hope the machines stop caughing now.

Finaali 1. osa

Finaali 2.osa

Thumbs up:)




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