…will be written behind my name on today’s result list. Even though I visited the model event area yesterday, I had to make the decision to stay home from today’s Wcup middle distance. If the distance had been some other distance in some other terrain, I would have made the decision earlier, but  a beach terrain with jungle features will definitely be demanding and fun. 

Anyway, I’ve been caughing my head off during the nights and I still remember somethign from last year’s troubles, too, so here Iam in Foxton beach looking at the computer screen. Luckyly, we bought an internet connection yeaterday, so now I’ll be able to at least follow the competitions online. Besides, I’m going to take a nice and easy walking and jogging tour in the forrest and on the beach nearby. 

According to the program, sprint qualification will be tomorrow, but we’ll see if I can fit into that program or if I’ll just continue to hang around on the beaches;)

Minna, Foxton beach, NZ


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