Greetings from New-Zealand and great New Year 2013!!! Hopefully the new year will be happy, adventurous and full of smiling. At least the conditions for it should be okay. Just look at the surroundings;)


Unfortunately, I had a little flue knocking on the door already in Finland and now it seems to have gotten inside. It’s still a couple of days left before the World cup events, so just hoping to get rid of it as quickly as possible. It’s just slightly boring to stay still as the others (Venla, Tuomo and our coach Antti) are getting around and checking the great places in here. At the moment I’m sitting in our car in the middle of nowhere while they are making one training on our way to South.

We haven’t gotten any internet connections yet in our accommodations, but I hope I’ll be able to send some greetings on our way through the green walleys of New-Zealand. We’ll be spending here one month and the trip has just started, so maybe there will be better news soon too:)

Otherwice, my life has been looking like this….



30vkakku….and this



Minna, from the land of hobbits trying to fit in;)

Small run 1


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