Ou, ou, orienteering:)

Winter seems to come early this year.  Still, I’m more eager and busy to orienteer and train than usually. After some basic night-o’s in Kurkocup and other stuff, I’ve also trained in Peurunka, Tahkovaara (only once) and Vuokatti. Today I enjoyed some 15-20 k’s of old maps in Hervoton suunnistus in Jämsänkoski.

During these trainings with men I’ve always noticed that the o-mind of a woman is built differently. I can never follow the others too long, I must do the job by myself. (Guys seem to be okay with following each other.) Today, it ended up to be the end of challenging the best men, as well as always. If you always take your own route it’s not the best route.Anyway I had fun and my speed has been going down due to “overTraininghavingFunEnjoyingsessions” that have lead to approximately 16h/week training;) Next weekend, I’ll be taking part in Raato -suunnistus (20km) in Sipoo again.

By the way, snow is okay, but I’m definitely going to escape Finland before christmas. The map of Hervoton below.



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