Fake lashes in Paris

It’s always nice to look good and get your face done by someone professional and, of course, in Paris you usually want to look really good. This Paris was just a great terrain in Orimattila (Pariisi )where the Finnish champs in relay were held back in 2004 (when we by the way had the same team as now and got a bronze even though we all thought it was in the juniors we had last time competed with the group we had now.) Anyway after the photoshootings for Voglia on Tuesday I made a nice o-training with my fake lashes and they weren’t bothering my orienteering at all, actually I was doing a good job. Superstitious as I am maybe I should use them more often then;)

However, something that I was bothered by was the mushrooms. Can’t you people go and take them out of there so that I don’t have to feel so anxious everytime I force myself to leave them there alone, yelling at me..and still in the end I have to use my plastic cover after ( and sometimes even during) the training to get at least some of the delicious tresures home.

My last week was really busy otherwice, too. After Paris it was time for Stockholm and this time for real. I made a really fast trip there to get some other ads done. Had just time to get around in Djurgården in the evening before, otherwice it was just filming and rushing back home. Or not back home but towards our annual meeting with Sonera’s sponsor group which has top athletes from different sports.

So it seems that I’ve been having a week full of work. Well, last week I did almost nothing at all but ate sausages on a camp fire. And that was relaxing and fun. Visited even two national parks: Leivonmäki and Pyhä-Häkki. Great places:)

Now, normal and nice stuff at home. Enjoying the little things that life has to offer.




Fake lashes in ParisMaria Leivonmäki


Pasi, iso kelo, Pyhä-HäkkiPyhä-Häkki, MInna


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