2 victories!!

Happy, happy. Yesterday, I took the Finnish Champ gold in middle distance with a smooth run. ( Results and route gadget) and today we were surprisingly second in the relay. It felt like a victory to us. Last time we had this group it was back in the 20-year-olds when we had the same result, same order and same plastic bows, too.

Even though Riina and Kirsi have had kids and changed names, it seems that the talence is still there 😉 or maybe the terrain was so difficult  that our experience was enough. Anyway, it’s great to end the season like this (if I don’t run the night-champs.) By the way, there are some nice pics on the organisers’ webpages. I love especially this one: http://kuosu.kuvat.fi/kuvat/SM-viesti2012/IMG_8948.jpg



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