Rest day

Today is the official rest day for me. The last NORT and world cup event¬†was held yesterday here in Vuokatti and the season is almost over. I enjoyed testing the next year’s terrain and had even physically a good day after a horrible week. My legs were out of the game alreay before the fist start but somehow I struggled through the NORT and became 3rd afterall. I’m actually proud of myself that I was able to orienteer quite well even though the feeling was so bad. Usually I’m not good at that.

Today I decided to take a day off and the official WOC TC start for me tomorrow then. We’re going to make some good quality o-trainings up here and strengthen our information bank of the terrains. Of course, the bank is already quite good as it’s always nice and easy to be on homeground. Next weekend we’ve got Finnish champs in middle and relay and after that I’m going to start planning my future.

The main goal for next winter is to stay healthy and then the rest of the things should go like my dancing (nothing too stylish but always fast and strong;) You guys don’t forget to have the sunshine on your faces during the dark months as next summer and next competition season will be on quicker that you realize. At least for me, the basic training is always one of the best things in sports.

Now, Kauppi will shut up fro a while (and for once;)) Take care!




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