The Finnish line

In tomorrow’s relay we’ll going to take the flags up ja rock towards the medals in both women’s and men’s class. The Finnish line means that you must be the first in the finish line;) We girls got the gold to defend, so there’s no other goals we can have. We’ve got a strong team again with Venla Niemi on the first, Merja Rantanen on the second and me on the last leg. Trying to push as hard as we can as long as the map lasts. Full speed no mistakes and first over the finish line. I’ve had great competitions already here and the silver got me also smiling even though the smile wasn’t as huge as after the middle. I’ll try to speculate my performances later but now I’m too busy, tired and lazy.

Below the Finnish team (from the left):Taivainen, Tervo, Airila, Ikonen, Portin, Huovila, Rantanen, Kauppi, Niemi, Kinni, Teini, Haajanen.

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