Qualifications 1. and 2.

The WOC middle distance final is tomorrow and I have a really good feeling in my body. It seems that I haven’t run at all even though I’ve been running 2 qualifications during the last two days. Of course, you can run the qualifications quite easily and just enjoy if the controls are under your control. In the long distance I made one bigger mistake (over 1minute) and some smaller ones (my route), but took still the first spot and hopefully also the last start place for the final.

Today I ran quite well in the beginning but made a big mistake in the 6th as I didn’t notice the stone in the green and started to go zigzag for a couple of minutes then. Orienteering seemed demanding and I still managed to get the 2nd spot today. The maps and other stuff should be in the live center , where you can follow the competition (gps) tomorrow, too! There’s a possibility to buy the tv coverage from Swiss TV as well!

It wont be easy tomorrow either. But I know I’m in good shape and I know that if I take the controls a bit better, it will be great. Hopefully there will be lots of people and great weather tomorrow. I’m ready to FIGHT! Below some pics from the days we’ve spent here.

MMkisamainos bussissa, Marc Lauenstein

C: Suunnistusliitto (long Q)LongQresults;)

C:suunnistusliitto (middleq)C: Suunnistusliitto (middleq2)

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