Ready, Set, Go

Stinging nettles, spiky bushes and other kind of shit. I visited the long distance training area once again and was as pleased as I was a couple of weeks ago. It’s not an orienteers’ paradise, that’s for sure, especially when you’re not running fast. The middle distance seems to be quite demanding, too. It’s just other kind of vegetation, rocks and fallen trees. Fighting seems to be the theme if you’re not running the sprint in Lausanne and I’m not.Which is totally okay.

Of course, usually the courses and terrains are better in the finals and when you’re competing you’ll notice the small pain only after the finish line. Besides, I wont be starting first like I did a couple of weeks ago in the test races and there will be some small paths that the others have made through the worst areas. And I expect that the middle distance will actually be a nice combination of yeallow areas and more detailed places with some green spice. Otherwice, WOC, like always is a mixture of excitement, anxiety, waiting and joy as well. This is why I’ve been working so hard.

So despite the rocks, stinning nettles and other stuff, it will be great if I manage to do my job well. And why wouldn’t I;)Let’s get the flags up and be ready and set to GO!



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