One week

There’s still one week time before the first WOC-final, the great middle one. Of course, I’ve got some qualifications, press conferences, massages, deep sleeps, new potatoes and icecreams before it, but when the game is on the legs must be fast and mind even faster. My preparations have been okay. No physical problems but of course the life gives always some rocks and bumps on the motorway. Still I’m trying and hoping to reach my goals, the golden ones, every time I’m on the start line. Of course, I need good days and it depends on the other girls too. If the gold was easy to reach, you wouldn’t want it so much. Still, I know already now that the games around Lausanne will be great to play. There will be many friends around cheering this time and it makes it even more special. I feel also priviledged for that and want the ones that support me to know that I also live through your moments of starlight and darker ones, too. Even though I may not always be screaming and yelling like you do near the finish line

With waiting, relaxing and strong feelings,




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