Venlat 11. and 1.

Kirsi, Hannele, Sirkkis and me were satisfied with the 11th spot in the Venla relay. (The pic is taken from our club’s website).

We did a good job in the woods and almost made it to the top ten which was our goal an dif everything would have gone perfectly, we could have even made it there. My orienteering went really well and I was running fast and orienteering almost without mistakes. Check my route here in Routegadget.( We had no GPS this time, unfortunately.) It seems to me that I really found the speed in the North, I was clearly fastest anchor this time (results), so it’s great to keep on going towards the biggest goal of the summerCool

Now, we’re spending a couple of days here in Kisakallio sports center. Enjoying the sun, training, resting and visiting a children’s camp quickly as well. On Thursday, we’ll fly towards Wcup events in Switzerland.



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