Lovely Lapland and Juicy Jukola

Hello Sunshines!

I’ve been training BIG lately. Lapland and Vuokatti did it to me again and I just did a lot of this and that. Check my last week’s trainings below. And the party wasn’t over before Tuesday. Still, in today’s Forssa games I was like a little animal. I felt recovered and very good too. The basic big loading just always does the thing, doesn’t it.

MON: Morning run in Jyväskylä (some running technique, too) 40min

Driving to Vuokatti.

Orienteering on the nearby map of the sports center (paths and hills) on aerobic threshold. 40min. 1h10min + 15min strength.


TUE: Morning run 30min

Running a bit above aerobic threshold on the paths andd hills and orienteering easily down. 1h30

Running 20+15min +Strength training 30min. 1h05


WED: Morning run 33min

Running 20min + 15min+ Running technique + downhill spurts 20min+ strngth 10min. 1h05

Travelling to Ylläs

Evening jogging 37min

THU: Morning run 20min

Running and hiking from Äkäsaivo-Pyhätunturi-Lainio-Helukka 3h40

O-training beside Kuer-fell 35min.


FRI: Morning run 35min

Downhill o-loops Pasi drove me up. Did very badly. 1h15



SAT: Morning run to Kukas-fell (speeding towards the top). 1h10

O-competition i Övertorneå, Ruskola. 24min. 1h10

Evening run and hiking in Aavasaksa-fell enjoying the views. 30min


SUN: LOng distance compeition in Ylitornio, Ainiovaara. 1h06min. Tired in head and legs.

Hiking to Kesänkijärvi for a couple of sausages (via the fell-top, of course). 1h40.


TOTAL: 19h40min

Now, feeling ready to fight and enjoy Jukola on Saturday. We may not be the sfavourites but we definitely try our best. With some Jukola magic with us. Sunny and funny moments hopefully, too:)





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