Typically stupid me

I ran off to Vuokatti after a typical sprint show in Finnish champs. There were some kinda constructions in the tunnel after the 7th control and I thought it was a fence, then I tried to go over the big road, but there were forbidden stripes and fences, too. So I went around and lost the game… So it’s better to stay in the bushes if the brains are too slow for sprinting. Besides, it felt quite bad to hear that Pasi’s just enjoying the fells in sunny Lapland and I chose to make a fool of myself in cold Tampere.


Yep. I quess I must be the most idiotic orienteer in the top-o world. Who else would run out of the map like I did in the WOC in Czechs? Who else would not find the first control like I dind’t last year in France… I quess there aren’t too many people that can top these world records ;)Sometimes I’m just such a fool that it makes me wonder if an ameba has more skills to do this than I do.

Still, life is fun and I don’t feel mad, angry or too disapointed anymore (like I did for an hour or two after the sprint). Now, I’ll be visiting the huge O-camp, “Leimaus”, here in Vuokatti for a couple of days and taking some of the spirit of the next year’s WOC with me, too. It’s great to see about 1800 children enjoying themselves! Have to be careful with the forbidden ares, though. Then on Wednesday, I’ll continue towards Ylläs and enjoy the Lapland once again before the big events start to knock on the door.


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