Slowing down

…Before speeding up again. It’s been a little bit of this and little bit of that for a while and now finally it’s time to slow down in other parts of life and speed up the training loads. Today, I started the series of uphill intervals which I’m planning to do every week from now on.I think they’re the easiest way to get all your capacity in use and that’s what my goal for the next weeks is. To find the top.

I’m also really trying to meet some friends and other people, too. As I haven’t really seen anybody lately even though it seems I’ve been everywhere and meeting everybody. I even had a short tc in France and Switzerland doing a bad competition both physically and mentally in the first one on Friday and a good one with less mistakes and nice running on Monday. Anyway now it’s time to decide weather I’m staying the next weeks in Vuokatti Ruka or Ylläs skiing resorts to take it easy and train it hard. We’ll see about that after FC in sprint.


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