Tiny things decided the tight fight

We got a tight fight over the lacking gold medal with Tatiana yesterday. This time it was time for the Eastern neighbors to celebrate as well as in our relay as in icehockey. We made still a great relay with our girls and we can’t be unhappy, it’s just so tight sometimes. This time the fence before the third last made the tiny gap between us. I made a quick decision to go around and Tatiana went over. On the next control I was about ten meters behind and even if I was able to come close it’s always better to be first at the last control..especially with my skills to use emit;) However, Russian girls were slightly better and stronger in the end.

I’m in Kisakallio sports center at the moment and made a nice hiking tour in the beautiful weather in the morning. It was so much colder in Sweden eve though the atmosphere was HOT thanks to the big crowd of people following the competitions. This week I’ll be mostly resting and “working for sponsors” before we’ll head towards France and Switzerland for a quick competition trip. Otherwice, my goal will be to concentrate on basic training for a couple of weeks and to get some more power for the coming main goals in the WOC. And thank you all for the nice messages again!


And below some pics from the events (c: Suunnistusliitto)


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