Hejssan allihopa!

In yesterday’s long distance I made a good run at least when it comes to orienteering. I have to admit that I’m just a little bit unhappy and insecure about the fact that Simeone’s speed was so incredibly much better. But still I have to tell myself to be happy and satisfied. I made no bigger mistakes on the controls. On the way, my route looked like I was drunk from time to time if you check theĀ gps. In fact, that’s one of my biggest problems in long distance races. Anyway, the splits are here and the message is clear, more training’s still needed but luckyly I’m just on the half way to my top form.

I was happy to have a day off today. The feeling in the morning round was not too fresh anymore. Following the sprinters was also quite hot stuff and you really feel tired after such an intensive day;) Tomorrow, it’s time to take the gold home again in the relay. That’s the goal of our trio: Haajanen,Rantanen and me. Hopefully all our teams offer great speed and success tomorrow!

I’ll be back,





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