Bra jobbat!

Silver tasted good in yesterday’s middle distance. Jabadabaduu, I’m back! I made one bigger mistake but the splits tell the same fact as the results. I didn’t have the best day physically yesterday, so Sime was clearly better and I’ve got no ifs this time. The big hill wasn’t my strength yesterday either and I really hope it feels easier in today’s long distance.

The qualifications went nicely, too. I felt more than good in the middle Q and my selfconfidence rose like a racket. In the long Q I took it too easily and of course, when you get slow you get stupid too and after that you get punished. Luckyly my punishments weren’t too big and made a second spot afterall.So I’ve got a good place to start in today’s race as well.

Tomorrow it’s time to take some rest and climb up to see some views from a landscape tower nearby…and keep on struggling against getting bored by talking bull shit with other “foresters”. Unfortunately, I just had to move to another hotel as Pasi got fever, again:( But still it feels good to be competing and I’m Waiting for the challenges of today with hunger.

MMMMMMMMmmminna  . and more pics and info!

Sofia's happy


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