EOC medals are waiting

Still sitting on the sofa, being a boring/bored nerdie and waiting for dinner. The view towards lake Siljan here in Rättvik is nice, the cottages are idyllic (as well as the whole region) and the only thing I can complain about is the weather…pretty much the same as two months ago.

Well, even if it’ll rain cats and dogs and elephants, the party will get started soon. I’ll take the nicest ones only, middle, long and relay and just cheer up for others in the sprint. The 5 competitions are still more than enough as I was a bit sick last weeks again. Otherwice, I’m just babbling. Nothing clever to say as usual. Hope to get some nice runs next week and hope to have nice things to write after them:)

Last but not least, all the mums have a great day tomorrow. Yesterday, we visited a great place near Turku, Ruissalo, before travelling here. And there were flowers for all of you…Amazlingly beautiful place!

MInna Ruissalo1


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